Thursday, May 4, 2006

Spiritual Terrorism Hits A Wall

Patrick Wall is hunting for terrorists—the kind that prey on our children while pretending to be our spiritual "fathers". Here's a slice, and I recommend you read the whole thing:

Wall is a former Benedictine monk turned international clerical sleuth, and this is his 200th case since joining the LA law firm of Manly, McGuire & Stewart. His job is to hunt down Roman Catholic priests retired by the Vatican in the wake of the sexual abuse scandals that erupted in Boston and other north-American dioceses in 2002. Many of those priests have effectively gone to ground.
Wall's job is to find them, verify their identities, and then serve them with affidavits setting out their alleged involvement in abuse, as the first stage in bringing suits for damages on behalf of their victims in the US courts. It's a tricky job, one that requires a close familiarity with clergymen - and the cunning of Philip Marlowe.

We've written about this issue before (here and here); now we're just beginning to learn about the depth and extent of this depravity of spiritual terrorism.

Note to Pope Benny: you can't just send this problem into retirement (do they stop being pedophiles because they're retired?). No, Ben, these guys have to be dealt with right now, because they are terrorists who have preyed on the innocent while posing as spiritual leaders. Kind of like Osama. So I say they deserve a fair trial, and those who are convicted can be sent to the same cell as Mouassaoui. I know, Ben, that Tom Hanks movie is ultra-scary; but don't you think getting rapists out of your churches counts for a little something, too?

So dark, the con of man—don't you agree, Ben?

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