Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Broadcast Deceit (Film at 11)

Tom Engelhardt has a list of clever signs that he saw at Saturday's anti-war march here in New York; but I think he missed this one.

By the way, Terry McKenna was right on target about the lack of media coverage of that event. The question arises: why? Why did the MSM turn a blind eye and deaf ear to a gathering of at least 100,000 people, drawn from families, small community groups, and (in short) mainstream America? Why did they ignore such a massive spectacle of human lucidity, at which no violence was done, no aberration indulged, and where no arrests were made?

Could it be that the MSM cares about families and communities about as much as the Bushies do? Could it be that they care about our troops about as much as Dick Cheney does? Could it be that these people are every bit as much crooks and liars as Jack Abramoff and Scooter Libby?

Draw your own conclusions.


I'll be fairly sparse with the blogging for a couple of weeks, while I work on a revision of my Tao of Hogwarts book, which is in the hands of a new agent, to whom I ardently wish great success. But I trawl for links every day anyway, so I'll be posting a few each day that I think deserve attention.

Tom Rushing's excellent Current Era blog has more on the weekend's protests and a quote from Palast.

You know the Army's getting desperate when they turn to Craigslist for recruiting help.

As Denny Hastert discovered, sometimes change is good, but there's still nothing like the smell of gasoline.

Bush broke 750 laws (give or take a few).

Mission Accomplished, three years later. The salient statistics:

When Bush spoke, the U.S. had 150,000 troops in Iraq; the number now stands at 132,000. American casualties at the time were 139 killed and 542 wounded. Today those numbers are more than 2,400 killed and 17,000 wounded.

More on this topic tomorrow from my partner Mr. McKenna. But now you know why we were marching here in New York on Saturday, and why we'll have to do it again and again, until justice is done and these criminals are routed from Washington.

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