Thursday, May 18, 2006

In Search Of: The Liberal Media

Looking for the liberal media, are you? How about that bastion of the lib-med, the venerable New York Times? Today, you have many choices to satisfy your appetite for liberal perspective and insight: you can read how General Hayden "dazzles" Congress (no doubt with the gleam of that chrome dome of his); or if you really want to tap the core of the news, check out the radical changes in men's swimwear or the transformations happening in American attics and basements. There's also a video segment on CBS's fall lineup. Where did summer go?

All right, another question: where did journalism go? Does heaven-spelled-backward as the hottest new baby name for girls rate as front page news? And how often will the most inept but celebrated NYT columnist in their stable make his "wait six months" prediction about Iraq? I say let's check wtih Mr. Friedman in another six months, and ignore his claptrap until then.

The other big print news outlets here in NYC are also at the center of controversy, this time about Britney's grasp of child car seat safety laws.

All front page stuff, all of it far more crucial for human knowledge than Darfur, than Iraq, than the continuing destruction of the Earth. Maybe it's time I looked into that NYT piece about how men are making themselves into hermits by converting attic into cave.

Meanwhile, you want real news? Put down the newspaper and look here.

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