Friday, May 12, 2006

Bend Over—We're Here to Protect You

While I am among the first in line to assail the sleeping Democratic politicians who think they can win this November by sitting on their hands now, I also feel that sometimes you do have to let a man hang himself with his own words (but then you have to make sure everyone can see the noose, Hillary—and that means taking a stance every now and then, honey). Case in point: Dubya's comments on the USA Today story on the wiretapping of tens of millions of Americans under the NSA program:

"Our intelligence activities strictly target al-Qaeda and their known affiliates," he said in a brief White House statement...

We target only known al-Qaeda—all 20 or 30 million of them that reside in this country. It kind of makes a commie under every rock seem rather tame by comparison.

But will the Cowards of Congress raise the mildest stench over this? Take this as an indication of that likelihood: today, they sent the $70 billion tax cut for the mega-wealthy to Bush's desk for his signature. Here's the Center for American Progress on what this means to you and me and Bill Gates:

...$70 billion in tax cuts, almost all of which would benefit the wealthy. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the average tax cut for middle income households would be a mere $20, while families earning over $1 million would collect nearly $42,000. As the package moves to the Senate today, the Washington Post sums up the plan thusly: "Budgetary dishonesty, distributional unfairness, fiscal irresponsibility — by now the words are so familiar, it can be hard to appreciate how damaging this fiscal course will be."

That's $42 grand for 'roided up baseball players, obese oilmen, circle-jerking Bush pioneers, and Secretaries of State who stroll the aisles at Saks while New Orleans drowns. Oh, and a twenty for me and you.

Well, shall we bend over together? Do you think your poor descending colon can take anymore of this reaming? Just think: this administration says it's against anal sex between men. But they sure do it harder and more frequently than anyone else.

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