Wednesday, May 10, 2006

King George's America: Graft, Corruption, Elitism, and Dead Babies

Just what we need...another Cheney scowl in Washington

Plowed to be an Amurkin:

Elitism is US: $70 billion more in tax cuts for the mega-wealthy
Whoring for Votes and Profit is US: Dusty Foggo, Secret Agent
Graft and Corruption are US: Ney, said the horsie with the golden bridle
Infant Mortality is US: But we beat out Latvia
31% is US: You're on the right track, America—keep it sliding


Geek Wednesday

Here's more on the net neutrality debate in Congress. Note that Ted Stevens, whom you'll recall from last year as the champion of the mega-million dollar bridge to nowhere, Alaska—one of the Pork Kings of Kongress—was steered away from supporting net neutrality because some suits from Wall St. said it would "chill investment." Heaven forbid that the mega-rich should go wanting a single extra million on behalf of a fair and vibrant web!

Geeks, you've got to stay with this issue—wear your local pols out with it, and let them know that you've got nothing against wealth, as long as it keeps its hands in the cash pile and off your content. C'mon, down an extra Red Bull, pop some of that new Jolt gum, and chew your Congressman or Senator out on this one. Don't know who your local pols are? Look here, or use this action page.

No MacBook yet: The iBook replacement with the Intel Core Solo processor is not quite ready yet, it appears. Maybe the folks in Cupertino were just too busy celebrating the Dell stock plunge to pay any attention to their work.

Now, I've got to get back to work on my book, so I have a chance at making enough money to get one of those 17" MacBook Pro machines. It's either that or try one of those eBay collecting scams. But I'm afraid I wouldn't pass as a poor college student these days. Nor, of course, a rich one.

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