Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"These People Scare Me"

Here's a quote of the week from our former ally in incompetence, Mr. Tony:

A lasting resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian issue is essential and I will do whatever I can to help such a resolution come about.

Such as throwing your weight behind a tyrannical war of occupation in the region—right, T.?

But let's leave that matter with some praise for the land of Harry Potter: it is a great day for England. They have flushed out their monster; we are still groaning under the oppressive weight of ours.

I have been critical recently of the Huffington Post's inclusion of a gossip section, presumably as a revenue-generating instrument. What follows is an encouraging development. They have recently removed the gossip page, replaced it with an "Entertainment" section, and generally upgraded their site. So if you care about being truly informed on where this benighted democracy is heading, a bookmark to HuffPost is essential. No other big-time uber-blog would be likely to give a fellow like Mike Gravel prominent air space; but Huff did it today. Here's a sample of why we need to hear a lot of Mr. Gravel over the next 15 months or so, no matter whether you think he's electable or not:

Of course we can continue to compartmentalize ourselves from the truth, remove the troops and blame the rubble on the Iraqis. We can feed the collective fantasy that our good intentions and heroic efforts were thwarted by the cowardice and incompetence of others. But if that's what we take from our experience in Iraq, we will never learn the true lessons and we will be condemned to repeat the same mistakes.

The inability to admit a mistake and assume responsibility is not just a morally bankrupt way to walk through life; it is a dangerous and deadly way to lead a nation.

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