Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dear Mr. Hillary: Go Whack a Mole

Dear Hillary: if I were to get your gender wrong, does that mean we'd be electing Bubba again in 2008? I could think of several worse outcomes than that...But seriously, ma'am: I know that image and theme songs are more important to you than policy and all that stupid wonkish stuff, but sometimes you just have to sweat the details.

I posted a comment to Norm Jenson's excellent blog on the prospect of yet another Ralph Nader presidential bid. Just some common sense advice for a guy who seems to need it...

I have a rare television (well, actually a video) recommendation: Frontline's program Endgame, which aired earlier this week, is now online. One warning: I watched it Wednesday evening, and didn't sleep very well that night. Some of the war scenes are pretty graphic and intense.

But it's important to see that stuff, because the rest of the mass media is busy playing "Whack-a-Mole" with the entire Iraq scene. Watch as Stewart keelhauls their asses for it, as only Stewart can.

Another warning: you might find the Frontline film pretty hard to swallow in some of its message. Are these people seriously trying to raise Condi to the level of neglected military genius—or was I simply imagining things? I must have been imagining wonder I'm quitting this blogging stuff: it's making me whacky as a mole.

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