Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Has a Bush the Buddha-Nature?"

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

There's a video over at YouTube from Mike Gravel that may cause many Dems to look down their lorgnettes and sneer. To them, I say: get over yourselves. I think the guy fully recognizes he's an outsider with no chance to win in this political culture defined by the obsession with appearances. And guess what? That's a voice we need in the campaign. In short, we need a Zen-candidate: a guy with a serious, eloquent message (if you've heard him speak, you know he's got that), but who also is ready and willing to spit right in the eye of every Madison-Avenue self-image machine out there--Hillary's, McCain's, all of them.

And now, our moment with William Sloane Coffin:

...evil is not so much the work of a few degenerate people or groups of people as it is the result of the indifference and negligence of the many. With spiritual arrogance goes the itch to destroy. History warns that the best is always a hair's breadth from the worst, and that heartless moralists in the corridors of power are those who start inquisitions.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back in the saddle!!!!!

Brian Donohue said...

I wouldn't get used to it: we shall let the late Rev. Coffin provide a few points of light for the blog in its waning days. The hosting terms on 8/5, and there should be no need for us to continue from there. And you may expect at least a weeklong silence beginning 7/21--and if you can't guess why, I have one word for you: Sectumsempra!