Thursday, March 9, 2006

Terrorists in Collars

No complaints from any Catholics about yesterday's post, so far (the Domino's pizza king who wants to build Godtown is a devout Catholic—no morning-after pills at Godtown Pharmacy). But let's face it, the transubstantiation crowd is facing some rough times: more pedophile priests are coming out of the woodwork, this time in Ireland. For my dough, these people are as foul, vile, and loathsome as any Bush, Osama, or other institutional murderer; because they are institutional rapists.

The old Chinese oracle, the I Ching, has a description of what happens when an icy, restrictive, and pain-driven ideology infects the human soul. It's from Hexagram 29, titled "The Abyss", and it says, "bound with cords and ropes, shut in between thorn-hedged prison walls, one does not find the way." When your so-called spiritual path denies the body its rightful place in Nature, then the heart is "bound with cords and ropes" and the demons of perversion, murder, and torture arise. How can the body and mind work naturally—that is, in love and health—when the heart is blackened with the inner poison of a religion defined by hatred, self-abasement, violence and contempt?

Right now, I'm reading, once more, one of the truly great books of our time, Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States. If you're familiar with this shimmeringly lucid work, then you know that its opening chapter is a history of the depredations of Columbus and his ilk—men who engaged in genocide and every form of murder, torture, enslavement, and sexual perversion imaginable; all under the blessing hand of Catholic priests and done in the name of God and Jesus.

Today, more than 500 years after those terrorists crawled upon the Earth; the Catholics have given us a new breed of silent terrorists—men who murder the souls of children, through assaults on their bodies, all in the name of God the Father. I would sooner take my Sunday sermon from Satan himself, or my religion from a colony of vermin, than from these walking dead who call themselves men of God.

I checked four Catholic websites tonight and found that the spin machines of this vile ideology have not a word to say about the revelations coming out of Dublin. But they sure have a lot to warn us about concerning condoms, abortion, birth control, women clergy, gays, and an upcoming movie based on a Dan Brown novel! But the fact that scores, perhaps even hundreds, of perverts and pedophiles are loose in the ranks of their clergy means nothing to these people—that's something to be handled internally, quietly, through the legal system where necessary, and with settlements paid straight out of the Offertory collection plate.

You ignorant fools—go into your fetid basement of inner death and clear out the cockroaches that you call "priest" and "father"—then come upstairs into the light of reality and tell me what's wrong with trying to stop the spread of AIDS or preventing the human race from overrunning this planet and destroying its resources or watching a movie that suggests the possibility that Jesus had a human body and enjoyed it, too. Until then, I will call your foul ideology out for what it is—a doctrine of hypocrisy, perversion and death.


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