Monday, March 20, 2006

Impeachment: Can it Wait Any Longer?

Like many of you, I came home tonight to find this story on MSNBC's front page. Perhaps by the time you read this, the round of whitewash denials ("Congress/the media/John Q. Public had access to the same intel as us") may be resounding from the White House. Just read the story over carefullly, in the context of everything else you know about these decadent fools who govern us; and remember that Mr. Tenet still has the Presidential Medal of Freedom in his trophy case.

Then, once you're done cleaning up your vomit, the next thing to do is to call, write, or jab your finger in the chest of your local elected reps in Congress, and demand that articles of impeachment be drawn today, as in NOW.

They didn't have an excuse for avoiding this task before (it is, after all, part of their job); they have even less of an excuse now.

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