Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Madness is US

Give these Bushies the credit they're due: they can violate reason, common sense, and inuition, all in a few mighty blows. First, try this rule: nuke up and be legitimate; but pay the price if you dare honor international agreements. Even the media's starting to catch up on this one, though.

Next, if you don't like the law, kill it. And here's the sanest possible response, for the short term, at least.

Next, if it's dark, paint it bright (happy face optional).

And here's one I've tried myself, I'm afraid (note to the neocons: it doesn't work—believe me, I know): if you run out of credit, just sign up for another card.

Finally, if the ball ain't rolling your way, just rearrange the shells.

Welcome to the United States of Lunacy.

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