Thursday, March 30, 2006

Below the Tip of the Iceberg

This revelation might have blown right past you on Monday morning; I see it as just another view of the depths to which this Bushian iceberg of crime, murder, and deceit truly reaches. I'm sure we haven't even seen a fraction of the evidence yet; but enough has been uncovered to fully justify Eric Alterman's conclusion:

While George Bush and company were out invading countries that did not threaten us in any way, wasting trillions, killing tens of thousands, destroying functioning infrastructure, torturing innocents, inspiring hatred, and portraying America as a nation of incompetent, lying, torturing, illegal phone-tapping hypocrites to the entire world, what else was happening?

Well, unless you count minor details like Katrina; homeland insecurity; further increases in the poverty rate of the world's most affluent nation; neocon corruption, thievery, and (in a few cases) indictment; Scooter in the White House and Jack in the Lobby; the attempted rape of Social Security, the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, Medicare, and student loan programs; or the game of three-card-monte with the Supreme Court (which is turning out a little less pliable than was intended)—why, nothing happened.

But by god, the Crawford Cashew has been a very, very busy man. Today, he welcomed the President of the sixth largest oil producing nation in the world to the White House. He must have spent the entire month just learning the guy's name. Now he'll have to ask Karl or his new chief of staff to do something about glossing over those rumblings we've heard about President Olusegun Obasanjo's desire to keep his job for life—you know, like a dictator...maybe even one that would harbor a known war criminal.

Then again, what the hell? How far can it be from Iraq to Nigeria? And tell me again, Karl, how much oil do they have?

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