Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Vast Disconnect from Reality

How distant from reality are the Bushies these days? On the matter of Homeland Security: see this article for an illustration of how out of touch they are. Note that the judge who delivered the decision stopping the Administration from suspending labor rights for so-called "operational urgencies" is, in fact, a Bush appointee.

Now when your own picks for the judiciary are starting to behave like the "activist judges" that the Bushies love to hate, you know that it's time for a reality check.

But we all know that these people are incapable of any relationship with reality. Last year, the tune was, "wait till the Iraqi elections—everything will be better after then." Right now, the story is, "just wait till the Constitution is done, and see how much better things become." Next we will be fed, "as soon as the next set of elections happens in December, we're going to see the insurgency disappear and all our sacrifices will be proven worthy."

It's a different story every day, a different set of delayed expectations every month, while the death tolls for both soldiers and civilians mount. So our job now is to join Cindy Sheehan and countless other Americans (62% of us, according to the latest polls) in insisting that this war is wrong, always was, and needs to be ended immediately.

It would also help for as many of us as possible to add to the crescendo on the matter of impeachment. When a group of madmen are this divorced from reality, this steeped in crimes against humanity, this embedded in a nest of lies and distortions—ridding the nation and the world of them with the full force of Article II, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution is the only sensible option left.

For more on the disarray and derealization of the Bushies at this moment, Frank Rich's column in Sunday's New York Times ("Someone Tell the President the War is Over") is a delightful must-read.

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