Thursday, August 4, 2005

Plot Thickening, the Madness Deepens

We all need to read the Washington Post's report of the further depredations and torture committed by Rumsfeld's Psychotic Rats. Note the lies built into the web of torture and murder: even as they were recording the history of this crime, the dementos reported to the press that the poor fellow had died of an unknown illness after delivering lots of useful information about Saddam.

Now we switch to another new report, this one revealing more evidence of secret detentions and extreme rendition by the U.S. government. This pointed and detailed allegation comes from Amnesty International, which is not in the habit of shooting baseless or unfounded complaints into cyberspace. Once again, the report is met with blank denial from a government and a military that cannot raise themselves beyond the level of a toddler in the field of debate. "The Department of Defense does not engage in renditions," said Air Force Maj. Mike Shavers; who then added that no evidence to support this denial could be brought forward, because all their records on individuals in detention are confidential.

Meanwhile, soldiers keep dying and the toll passes 1,800. Back on the ranch, amid bike rides and rounds of golf and cold ones fresh from the Rockies, Our Leader prates on with the denial. He said it's important that our troops keep on dying until the Iraqi government has finished writing its Constitution.

Couldn't we speed this process up, I wonder, and perhaps save a few lives along the way, by helping them out—maybe providing them with a draft of our own old document, dated though it may be? Let's see, how does it start, Dubya?...ah, that's it: "our father, who art in Washington..."

Oh no, that's the other one—equally important, mind you—the Declaration of Stem Cell Independence. The Iraqis need a Constitution—how about it, Flash? Don't hurry now, but after you've putted out on 18 and had a nice lunch, why not ask Karl to fax a copy over to Baghdad so they can finish this thing?

Oh, that's right...Karl's still working on the Intelligent Design Amendment. Ugh.

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