Thursday, July 19, 2007

Report from Midtown Manhattan

Here's an update from midtown Manhattan, where I work, and where we had an explosion last night. So far, one person has died and 30 are injured, two critically. The following streets in the area remain closed:

Lexington Avenue from 34th to 57th Streets
Third Avenue from 38th to 42nd Streets
Park Avenue from 34th to 54th Streets
42nd Street from Park to Third Avenues
Vanderbilt Avenue for its entire length from 42nd to 47th Streets

So, what happens when you start a pointless war that increases global terror, alienates former allies, kills and wounds tens of thousands of your own and hundreds of thousands of innocents in the nation you attacked and occupied?

Well, one thing that happens is that you spend up to a trillion dollars on this war, and have nothing left to spend on your own nation's infrastructure, which in turn rots and then does some of Uncle Osama's work for him.

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