Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Neocon MSM: Painting Targets

Here's your mainstream media view of what a man should be: "Well, everybody knows that a book club is no place for a man."

That's Tucker Carlson, who is the property of General Electric. Well, men, are we anti-book, or should we be? Are book clubs only suitable for women? If so, then I say let's get the matriarchy going today.

But surely the actual candidates for 2008, the subjects of these punditry rants, are not quite so deluded? Think again: here's Mike Huckabee, taking aim at the only part of Michael Moore that he can see or understand:

Michael Moore is an example of why the health care system costs so much in this country. He clearly is one of the reasons that we have a very expensive system.

Well, I'm fat too, Huck: wanna take a personal shot at me? Does a 38" waist make a person a non-entity in the nation you would rule over? And make sure you get the line straight: you have to create certainty, as you did with Moore ("He clearly is..."); and as Carlson did with members of book clubs ("everybody knows..."). This way, the opinion is elevated into propaganda: there can be no disagreement.

It's the neocon / mass media way of belief, and there can be, of course, no other.

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