Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday Reflection: From the Rightful President

Hey everybody, free beer at Terry's house (wmv, 8MB, click to view)

Here's a must-read on the Libby denouement, with some historical perspective, from Eric Alterman.

We'll feature Al Gore's new book again in the Friday space today. But first, a glance at the near future here as we prepare to sail back to the Land of Unwanted Blogs:

  • Legilimens!: Starting Monday, Harry Potter all next week. I don't care what's on the news, it doesn't matter anymore. If we're going to have corruption, let's have some fun with it, by god. I'll offer my prediction for Book 7's key events, and I'll have a review of the new film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

  • Presidential Picks: Since we won't be around for the fun next year, Terry and I will leave you with our respective faves for the succession. The question on my mind is, "who could be worse?" Now there's a challenge.

  • The Best of DR: Before we leave you for good, we'll cull through our archives and pick out some goodies from the past 34 months of blogging. If you have any nominations, give us a shout in the comments or send me an email.

  • And now, more from the man who wouldn't have ruined our democracy if SCOTUS hadn't negated his rightful victory:

    There was then, there is now, and there would always have been, regardless of what President Bush did, a threat of terrorism that we would have to deal with. But instead of making it better, he has made it worse. We are less safe because of his policy. He has created more anger and righteous indignation against us than any leader of our country in all the years of our existence as a nation.

    Part of the explanation for the increased difficulty in gaining cooperation in fighting terrorism is Bush's attitude of contempt for any person, institution, or nation that disagrees with him. He has exposed Americans abroad and Americans in every U.S. town and city to a greater danger of attack because of his arrogance and willfulness, in particular his insistence on stirring up a hornets' nest in Iraq. Compounding the problem, he has regularly insulted the religion, the culture, and the tradition of people in other countries throughout the Muslim world.

    He has also pursued policies that have resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women, and children, all of it done in our name. President Bush has said repeatedly that the war in Iraq is the central front in the war on terror. It was not, of course, the central front, but it has unfortunately become the central recruiting office for terrorists.

    The unpleasant truth is that President Bush's failed policies in both Iraq and Afghanistan have made the world a far more dangerous place. (pp. 181 - 182).


    Steelhead said...

    It is unfortunate that you are shutting down. I stumbled across this site just recently and I'll miss the interesting and relevant content. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    Brian Donohue said...

    Thanks man. We may pop up again somewhere in the future. Meanwhile I'll probably keep the server alive (we're hosted privately over ftp) just to get at the archives myself.