Saturday, June 3, 2006

A Tyrant's Last Stand

How do you spell "desperation"? If you're George W. Bush, you spell it, "g-a-y m-a-r-r-i-a-g-e b-a-n".

So maybe the clueless coward from Crawford wouldn't stand a chance against young Katherine Close, but this latest bit of psychotic decompensation tells us a lot about where this administration lies on the credibility continuum, and how close we really are to ridding ourselves of them.

Never mind that some 60% of Americans are against a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Never mind that our military is being branded as a band of lawless murderers by the so-called President of the nation we were supposed to be liberating. Never mind that another Abu Ghraib torturer got 90 days of KP and no jail time while his bosses, all the way to the very top (the ones who deserve indictment more than anyone) are skipping off scot-free. Never mind that Iraq's civil war continues apace, degenerating to new depths of murder and US-backed ethnic cleansing every day. Never mind that our economy is nearing the brink of another collapse from rising international debt, inflation, a falling dollar, and slackening employment figures.

Never mind any of that: let's just get those fagots in their place and America will be whole and healthy again.

Can this picture be any clearer? The time to move on impeachment is now; the time to destroy an ideology of tyranny and racism is now; the time to restore democracy (you know, the form of government that those gay Greeks invented and which is still held up as the model for American government in history classes today) is now.

But the time to wait for mewling Democrats to finally take action is long over with. Hillary: shut up, get out of the way; go burn a flag or something, and let some real leaders take over from here.

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