Tuesday, June 6, 2006

666: Happy Armageddon to You!

Hey everybody, before we begin today, I want to add one personal note, since the end of the world is upon us. I thought I'd take this time to thank everyone who has allowed me into their blog-reading life. It's been great being one of your bloggers over the past year and a half. I guess (since we don't exactly qualify for the Rupture, er, I mean Rapture) maybe I'll see you in Hell. After all, as everyone knows (if you don't, just click the graphic), www = 666.

So I was wondering today, if this is the End Times, what message would I like to leave with my friends in the blogosphere before I become just another lump of charcoal in Rick Warren's barbecue pit of eternal damnation?

Since I'm a blogger and have little of substance to offer as original insight, maybe I'd quote the message of the poet of Walden Pond, that Heaven is stretched beneath our feet as well as beyond the skies.

Then, perhaps, I would let old Lao Tzu speak again that message he heard on the road to exile, some 2,600 years ago:

There is something whole and formless,
That existed before any universe was born.
It makes no sound,
Has no substance,
Can’t be fixed in time or space—
It is inexhaustible, unchanging, perduring:
It is the uterus of being,
And I call it Tao,
Just so it has a home in my mind.

It may also be called the great,
Since all beings arise from it,
And it is the home to which they return.

Nature is great;
The sky is great;
The earth is great;
Even humans can be great.

But please do not separate them,
For they work correctly only as One.

Humans: honor the earth, embrace it!
As the earth loves its sky,
As the sky reflects her Tao,
And as the Tao moves in harmony
With its own eternal Consciousness.

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