Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Word (with Music) From the Cat

Yeah, yeah, look at the video of the cute kitty playing the piano (and probably making her people some serious cash). Well, this is Night the Cat again, back at the blog with you. I'm not much of a musician; I'm a blogging cat.

I've got one reminder today for you humans: you can poison yourselves all you want with your mass-produced, factory-farmed, environmentally-destructive, genetically-modified food. Go ahead: drive yourselves to extinction with that crap. BUT LEAVE US OUT OF IT.

You know what I'm talking about by now: you people have made poisoned garbage and are killing us with it. Enough, Bast damn it!

You're on a highway to hell, people—you know that, don't you? Wherever it is you think you're going—to the Rapture, or Nirvana, or 72 Virgin Lane, or Yahweh's Big House—just remember, we animals don't want to be there with you. And anyway, I hear they don't allow pets in Heaven. So keep your poisons to yourselves, and leave us animals alone.

Now I've got some napping to do. The guy will be back again on Monday. Meanwhile, you people think about what I told you—go sit on a windowsill and see if some answers start to form in your dim human minds. What d'ya wanna die for? Craziest species I've ever encountered—you make the dogs seem like sages by comparison. I'm only telling you this because, by and large, we animals like you guys. Maybe we ought to have our heads examined for it, but that's the truth. Wake up, people.

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