Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Week Ahead

Looking ahead at the week to come at Daily rEv, we'll be examining the following stories and events:

  • The King of Flip-Flop reigns: George Bush sticks another toe into the waters of admitting that there is "global climate change," but he steadfastly refuses to do anything about it. Does this guy ever get anything right? Does shit ever smell like roses?

  • But give him credit—he's one tough-tongued mutha. He's warning his puppet government in Iraq that they'll have to start fixing things or "face the consequences." What consequences, you may ask? That's what we want to know.

  • A BBC Reporter finds that global warming is lost in the translation from science-speak to political spin. We'll see how the commitment to action on climate change varies on either side of the pond, and what we have to demand of our politicos here.

  • Uncle Bill's feelings are hurt: Apple keeps insulting me and my lousy software, and I'm not going to take it lying down anymore. Well, Bill, we've been looking at your sorry excuse for a web browser, and Apple's advertising slaps will seem like love-strokes compared to what we have for you on Geek Wednesday.

  • Therapy for Potter fans? This is the sort of thing that emboldens the enemy (thanks for the line, Dubya!). All those Potter-hating lunatics that burn the books and keep children from reading what they like. These folks will make hay over the fact that Pottermaniacs might need therapy (indeed, some might, but no more so than Bible-maniacs, that's for sure). It's bad news when fiction—either a Harry Potter novel or the Old Testament—is reified. Reading these books as poetry—that is, metaphorically—is, to my mind, far more rewarding and practical. And I think the author of the Potter novels would readily agree that we live amid a time where practical meaning is what we need from our literature and all our other arts as well.

  • So that's where we'll start the week at DR, with a message from Terry McKenna about what art has to show us about the times we live in and the challenges we face. So visit us this week, and send the link around to your friends, and even your enemies.
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