Sunday, February 18, 2007

Selling Goods on a Sunday

Note: That petition at the top of the sidebar can be completed inline, without leaving this page. If you'd like to see an end to this insanity in Iraq (and perhaps more important, an end to the saber-rattling against Iran), then spend the 30 seconds needed to sign that petition. It's for Senator Kerry's Set A Deadline initiative.

I had thought it would be harmless at worst, and maybe even nice, to give away the pdf of my Tao of Hogwarts book, until such time as a publisher came forward to purchase it from me.

But it would appear that publishers like famous people, crooks, or literary thugs like Coulter and O'Reilly; and I am none of these things. The problem is, however, that I had put roughly two years of fairly continuous effort into the making of Tao of Hogwarts, and I suspect it's worth every dime of $13 for a 193 page paperback. That's less than 7 cents per page! You'll also find that it has a lot to say about what we've endured these past six years.

My opinion, of course, doesn't count half as much as does yours. Anyway, I've self-published the book on; I've reviewed a copy of it and am satisfied with the quality of the publication; and I feel it can safely be recommended for purchase. If you'd like to buy a copy, I'd be grateful and I think you'll be pleased overall—just click the graphic of the front cover, above. The link will remain in the sidebar (along with my other three), and you can go back and read excerpts from it, here, here, and here.

By the way, that graphic on the front cover is from a fractal screen saver app designed by Ben Haller of Stick Software. It's called Fracture, and if you've got a Mac (PPC or Intel, it doesn't matter), I highly recommend it.

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