Friday, February 10, 2006

Peace Be Upon You, Baby

Well, it's been 24 hours since I posted The Cartoons, and my head's still attached. It would appear that my chance at becoming the Gryffindor house ghost is slipping away.

Quote of the day, from Bob Herbert of the New York Times:

This was the attorney general of the United States speaking, yet another straight man for an administration that has raised governing to new heights of witlessness. Watching the Bush administration in action would be hilarious, if its ineptitude and brutally misguided policies didn't end so often in needless suffering and sorrow.

In any event, my tank's empty tonight, or maybe I'm getting my cosmic comeupance for posting those offensive cartoons. I have been further populating the archives lately, transferring stuff from the old site to this forum; and I've run across a few from last year that may be worth a second look (or a first, if you've recently started checking out Daily Rev). Sometimes, a quick review of what has gone before can open our eyes to what's happening in the moment. So try one or two of these:

The Case of Runaway Arrogance
Death, Lies, and Shredder Tape: The Bush Legacy
A Picture of Arrogance

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