Thursday, February 16, 2006

Breakfast at the Asylum

So here's your food news of the day, and I think I'm only making up a little bit of it:

1. Iranians have renamed a favorite breakfast pastry "rosey cheeks of Mohammed" or some such nonsense. Shove aside, Freedom Fries.
2. The President (of the United States, that is) went to Wendy's today to promote his harebrained health care initiative (note the staff of Asklepius wallpaper behind Dr. Bush). Tomorrow, he travels to Phillip Morris headquarters to promote his anti-smoking initiative.
3. Someone in the blogosphere has started an anti-Semitic cartoon contest, with the condition that all the cartoons are to be authored by Jews. The grand prize to be awarded is, in the words of the blog, "the famous Matzo-bread baked with the blood of Christian children."
4. Dick Cheney was heard stalking the halls of the Capitol muttering, "I'll never eat another quail as long as I live..."

And so we leave you to digest it all, with a simple reminder: as my blogging partner, Terry McKenna, reminded me this morning, guns are merely the tools of destruction, not the cause. The true causes of violence are incompetence, arrogance, fundamentalist beliefs, and plain ignorance. Long before he aimed that rifle at Mr. Whittington's face, Uncle Dick had the blood of thousands on his hands; and today, we got further confirmation of the murders that were effectively perpetrated in the Gulf Coast by the wanton ignorance of Michael Chertoff and his minions.

Granted, these folks sure can be funny sometimes, when their tyrannical incompetence crosses over into the territory of the absurd; but I'd just as well prefer to get my yuks from other, less deadly sources. So keep hitting that link in the upper left corner, and let impeachment ring.

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