Monday, January 23, 2006

Osamah's Book Club

Now you tell me the world hasn't gone crazy: Chris Matthews, as we saw yesterday, is comparing Uncle Osama to Michael Moore (and I'm waiting for my turn to be placed beside Al-Zarqawi on Hardball). Moore is firing back with his "Jihadball" Photoshop collection. Meanwhile, we hear that an obscure wonk-book has gone from somewhere around 200,000 in its amazon rankings to #30 in a couple of days, thanks to a mention in the real Osama's latest audiotape diatribe. Move aside, Oprah.

But that's only the beginning: the nuts really come out of the bag when it's time for Duhbya to get up and answer a few questions. Here's how the Crawford Cashew spins his way out of the illegal domestic spying net: “I’m mindful of your civil liberties and so I had all kinds of lawyers review the process.” You know, all kinds—an ambulance chaser or two, maybe a tax expert and a copyright attorney who had been a Pioneer level donor for the last election...

Um...gee, thanks, Dub. That really makes us feel all warm and fuzzy now. You spent god-knows-how-much-of-my-tax-money on obtaining the blessings of some stray chunks of legal lint that happened to be sitting at the bottom of your wallet pocket.

Now if we as a nation are going to swallow this, then pass the arsenic.

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