Saturday, January 7, 2006

Geek Update: Redmond, We Have a Problem...

So, you think Google is not coming after Microsoft? Well, just check out the Google Pack, which I installed this morning on my Win-tel box. It contains Symantec's anti-virus software, Google's desktop, toolbar, and Picasa photo management products, and it will update Firefox for you, and throw in an adware blocker and a screensaver.

Not much, you say? Nothing to raise any hairs on the back of Redmond's neck? Not yet, maybe: but I see a software suite developing, to which (as we've suggested before) the StarOffice product will soon be added, as a result of the Google partnership with Sun. Meanwhile, Wall Street pundits are openly wondering whether Google's stock price will break $600 a share in 2006.

So yes, Redmond, we have a problem. And about time, too.


Thanks to Nicky the Geek for the link to the photo of the Google babes. You see, when you're a healthy male geek, this is what you feed your fantasy-mind upon, rather than the swimsuits at SI. Just look at the size and shape of that cranial vault on the blonde! Oh, my posterior hypothalamus is having a massive transmission of pituitary luteinizing androgens...

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