Friday, November 25, 2005

Incompetent Buffoon, LLC

There is something seriously, seriously wrong with this nation, with this society, when this man is permitted to operate a consulting business in the very arena where his monumental failure sent hundreds of innocent people to their graves and nearly wiped a city off the map of the United States.

But the man claims to have corporate clients lined up at his doorstep, waiting to pay him for the benefit of his valuable experience and know-how as an expert on managing disasters. We can only hope that, for the bazillionth time in the past year alone, he is lying.

But I wouldn't be surprised (I'd be shocked, but not surprised, that is) if some corporate shooters are willing to drop a few thousand on a guy who's got some ties to the Bushies and their cozy little financial circle-jerk society.

This man shouldn't be making money--he should be making license plates! I am reminded of the words of Lao Tzu, written some 2,600 years ago, amid circumstances that probably matched or even exceeded the depths to which this nation of ours has sunk:

Oh! How the desolation around me
Has reached its utmost sunken limit!

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