Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Caught in Spin-tropy

I'm working on another book right now, based on much of what I write about here at Daily Rev. If you're curious about why I feel the need to write a book, the short answer is that a blog isn't a large enough space to even list all the lies, depredations, and murderous crimes of this government of ours—let alone to comment on them.

As some of you may know, I also like to place the events and people of our time and culture into a psychological perspective that I think helps to provide some personal meaning and direction to readers. It's an alternative to simply having a vent-blog, where super-heated emotional gas is shot out into the atmosphere, without any particular focus or perspective.

However, as a psychotherapeutic counselor, it has been my experience that an occasional venting session isn't a bad thing; and it's sometimes fun to observe. Therefore, I now turn the cyber-stage over to my friend Terry McKenna, who doesn't believe in disguising his true feelings about things.

Did you hear Darth Vader’s speech about the Iraq war? Darth who, oh sorry, I meant Vice President Cheney. But don’t you think he has a cunning resemblance to everyone’s favorite villain? Dick Cheney is very much our nation’s Darth Vader. And just like the aging Jedi, he began his speech with a tone of reasonability, but as his true feelings came out, his mouth twisted into a snarl.

The biggest lies:

That congressmen had access to the same intelligence as the White House. Nonsense. The president is overlord over all three intelligence services, the FBI, the CIA and the Defense Department. From all three, intelligence trickles up to the White House in many forms. Congress gets the left overs, just an extract really. Of course, none of this can be proven – but that’s exactly how this corrupt administration likes it.
That Iraq’s WMD included nuclear weapons. While everyone would agree that Iraq wanted to be part of the nuclear party, there was never any consensus that Iraq had a viable nuclear program.
That Iraq was a front in the War on Terror. Yes, it is now, since terrorists and bandits have poured in to fill that vacuum. But before we attacked Saddam Hussein, his nation was less likely to be controlled by Islamic terrorists than, oh let’s say Saudi Arabia.

And beyond arguments for war, the big Dick also neglected to mention that the White House did everything it could to silence those who thought the war would be an expensive and difficult enterprise.

So we are back to square one. The arguments in favor of war appeared to have been lies, and the war plans for war were based upon an extremely optimistic reading of the tea leaves.

Did the president lie? Maybe not – he’s possibly the least capable president in a century, so it’s very likely he believed what his handlers told him.

—T. McKenna

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