Friday, July 29, 2005

Of Commerce, Capital, and Clarity

Sometimes, I swear I am absent from my own lessons. I have written, both within this blog and elsewhere, of the stiff and morbid beliefs that get attached to the body of Capital and the practice of Commerce. I have been myself afflicted with these beliefs—the attachment to a "spiritual" idea of virtue as poverty; the notion of abundance as mere excess at best and the darkest sin at worst; the belief that to be making money at something that helps others is to be a mercenary of a corporate army.

These beliefs are, all of them, rank falsehoods and spells placed upon the body of Capital. They must be firmly dispersed from consciousness if we are to hope for a more just and generous distribution of either personal or social wealth. That we must learn these lessons with such difficulty and recurrent, backsliding error, is only an indication of the recrudescence and intractability of the spells themselves, the demonic consciousness that is so deeply stuck to Capital.

What these reflections are all leading to is a realization I had today, that my work is meant to benefit others and myself. I cannot put a price on the teachings I receive from the hidden realm, any more than you could place a value on those that you receive for yourself. What we can do, however, is to value our time, our effort, and the work that is involved in the opening of the spirit's ear to the sound of the Cosmic Teaching Voice.

Therefore, I am selling one of my books, which I have self-published with a print-on-demand company called It is available here, and I do hope you'll have a look at its preview document and consider purchasing a copy. It is, of course, far from being a perfect (or even near-perfect) piece of work. But it is a fairly good book, and contains some insights, practices, and meditation exercises that are the products of much of my work with clients and myself as well. I suppose that what I'm saying is that it is worth its price.

Now that my business has been proposed, let's see what's in the news hopper. Ah, Mr. Bolton—the Devil and Captain Kangaroo himself. He will, it appears, receive his desired position as UN Ambassador by default, once Congress has gone off for its August recess. The astonishing thing about all this to me is that we as citizens even allow Congress to take a month off in the summer—just like that, all at once! Think about your own workplace: could everyone in your entire company, or your department, even, just up and vacate the premises for a week, let alone a month? How can the government get away with this? Why isn't there a million-person march descending on Capitol Hill to protest this madness? Why isn't there a petition with about a hundred million signatures on it, demanding that these people who are paid enormous salaries to represent the people of this nation in the most powerful legislative body on the planet put in the time and the work necessary to accomplish the will of the people? How do we allow this lazy decadence to persist, year after year after bloody year? Incredible.

And how did it get into the Constitution, anyway, that when the cooks are out of the kitchen the dogs can empty the cupboard? Who thought it a good idea to say that the President can do what he damned well pleases whenever Capitol Hill empties out for playtime? But people sometimes look strangely at me when I insist that our Constitution needs to be turned sideways, emptied out, and then refilled and reworded in the most thoroughgoing and painstaking manner. Just keep following this entire fiasco over the next week or so, and then tell me I'm baffy to entertain such an idea.

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