Thursday, July 28, 2005

No One Can Imagine...

Tonight's entry will be brief, but that's because I've been working on a piece that doesn't comfortably fit into weblog format. It's about children, and how the horrible events of our world and the errors of belief in our culture tend to put our kids—and when I say "our kids" I mean that all children are our children—at a potentially tragic disadvantage in life.

You can download this essay here (Word doc, 56kb). If you happen to be an actual parent or caregiver to a child, or if you feel the same way about all kids that I do, then you may be interested in the resources that are referenced in that article.

The piece was occasioned by an email discussion with my friend Eric Francis, who is one of the foremost astrologers and eloquent bloggers on the web; and an artist with a digital camera to boot. I highly recommend that, whether or not you're into astrology, you check out his work and consider a subscription to one of his online journals. And if you are drawn to astrological insight, getting to know Eric Francis' work is a no-brainer: though my awareness of astrology is near to naught, I read his work regularly, along with Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology.

Speaking of great links, don't forget our Link of the Day (above, and yes, I know it's usually up there for about a week before I change it). Norm Jensen's onegoodmove site features the odd scraps of news you don't easily find elsewhere, along with Jon Stewart clips, a hilarious Bill Maher appearance on the Leno show, and a new video of Dubya flipping the bird in the hallowed halls of Congress. One Good Move is, as my daughter's Highlights magazine calls itself, "fun with a purpose."

Meanwhile, in the news, the IRA is turning over a new leaf and putting their bombs away. Rumor reached them, it appears, that Donald Rumsfeld was turning his cross-haired eyes away from Teheran and toward Dublin...George Pataki will not be running again for Governor of New York State: apparently, he decided going up against the redoubtable Eliot Spitzer was a lost cause in the making. Instead, Eliot's GOP opponent in next year's gubernatorial election will be none other than Maurice R. Greenberg, former CEO of AIG...well Hank, you know payback's a bitch, right?

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