Thursday, March 15, 2007

Returning to Peace

While our mass media wet themselves in a grim hysteria over a "mastermind" who has "confessed" to every evil act conceived or committed over the past 20 years or so (and just at a time when the wraps are coming off one of the more impeachable offenses of this administration, the political firings of US attorneys ordered straight from the White House); we are preparing for another weekend of dissent to further the prospects for peace.


We should first remind ourselves of what we mean when we talk about peace; we should be very clear about what many of us will be marching for this weekend. Peace is not a negative: it is not the mere absence of war; nor is it the annihilation of one's enemies.

Peace is not silence; it is not the stagnation of mute conformity. Peace is a dance—action from a center; it is the ground upon which you stand as you push the boundaries of belief and possibility. Peace is the oxygen that gives democratic dissent its breath.

For example: China is not at war. But are the Chinese people then living in peace? If you lived there today and attempted to connect to this blog, or if you typed "Falun Gong" into a search engine, you would be hunted down and thrown into a cell where you might rot for years, if not your entire life. Is that peace?

In our own country, if you have the wrong color skin or lack a certain educational pedigree, your chances of being unemployed, ruined, and disenfranchised by your society are more than doubled, compared to the rest of your fellow citizens, even as government officials appear on television to mouth the lie of equality. You can now be detained and held without charge, trial, or the right to an attorney on the suspicion that you are an "enemy combatant," at any time the government thinks you are a hindrance to its juggernaut movement.

So, are we at peace? I would submit that if the President tomorrow ordered the immediate return of every single American soldier in Iraq, we would still not be at peace. We lost our peace when we lost our will for dissent. We relinquished peace when we mutely accepted the bland and stereotyped fearmongering of newsmen and talking heads in a television box.

The silence of conformity is the most violent and destructive form of war. It is what made the Nazi holocaust, the Stalinist purges, and all the other depredations of humanity of the last century possible. As long as we conform, we are under the most insidious and dangerous attack imaginable; as long as we are silent, we will never be at peace.


Once again, if you're planning to be in New York for Sunday's march and would like to meet up, post a comment.

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J. said...

You are right peace must come from within every heart every family every society every org and every Govt.

That old argument that "when a communist regime becomes an economic player on the international scene them it stands to reason that democracy will follow" is well and truly defunct

I talked to many MPs about this issue 3-4 years ago and they all fervently believed this. Of course now they don't and they are scared and don't know what to do now.

Unfortunately the leaders of all democratic countries who wanted a slice of the big pie in China all agreed to the Ccp demands (after Tiananmen square massacre in 1989) which were "if you want to trade with us then dont talk about Human rights openly . We can set up yearly human rights meetings in your country and talk about them behind closed doors."

This was the signed and done deal. The west sold out to the devil and the communist regime has been laughing ever since.

The only change i can see being beneficial for liberation and freedom from state terrorism is the Chinese people to be rid of the Ccp and that can happen in 2 ways only. Once is peaceable and the other catastrophic.

1. Taiwan makes a bid for independence causing a world war. see statement from Chinese Military Analysis at:
-Chi Haotian, Chinese Military Analyst's Deadly Words

2. The Chinese people rise up for themselves and turn their back on the Ccp by openly quitting it and all its affiliated organizations.

Since the publication in 2004 of the "9 Commentaries" a historical expose of the Ccp nearly 20 million people have woken up and quit the Ccp in China.

30,000 Chinese people a day are quitting after reading the 9 commentaries. Here is the link

For us in the west the atrocities of the Forced harvesting of Falun practitioners organs in China has proved to be a turning point in people illusions about a peaceable China emerging.

Please view this link to 2 independent reports from Former Canadian Cabinet Minister and secretary of state in Asia pacific David Kilgour and international Human rights lawyer David Matas.

Like i said economics will never save the day, only a realization that the Ccp must go . And we in the west should all should be supportive of 1.3 billion Chinese people to achieve that goal .

If the truth be known many Chinese people want the Ccp to go but they are scared of the history of violence from the ccp.
so only a peaceable end to the CCp can happen and thats where Falun Gong comes into it.

We stand for truthfulness compassion and forbearance and the Ccp is very scared of Falun Gong in China and in the outside world.

The Ccp is not scared of the US or any other country but they are scared of Falun Gong. After nearly 8 years of a horrendous persecution we are still here and even stronger than before in 60 countries all around the world.
They cannot "eradicate" us, we have media all over the planet now with The Epoch Times newspaper in 22 countries, Sound of Hope Radio, and New Tang Dynasty TV (NTDTV) which is satellited into China and into 26 countries all around the world.
NTDTV's Chinese New Year Spectacular is a cultural show travelling to 22 cities around the world at present. It has been hailed as the new Chinese cultural renaissance. Please see links

'Thank You For Showing Us the True Chinese Culture!

Beauty of the Tang Dynasty Revealed in Paris

If you get a chance please go and see it in your city , it will change your life.

The communist regime is on the run now and we in west must show that we care for humanity and we will not adhere to the previous deal of talking behind closed doors; we will talk openly and expose the crimes and corruption of the brutal Chinese communist regime while s supporting any defector coming from China and all Chinese people who are prepared to risk even their lives for an end to the CCp.