Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Vote for Murtha

Remember Steny Hoyer's assinine remarks about Stephen Colbert's undressing of the Texas Tyrant at the Correspondents' Dinner early this year? If you've forgotten what all that was about, look back here.

Now, Steny thinks he deserves to be House Majority Leader, although Pelosi is looking elsewhere.

This election, no matter how you slice it, was about Iraq; and Murtha has the message and the persona to speak clearly and authoritatively on the war. He has already shown that he will not roll over (like the mass media) before Bush and his cronies on this war. Therefore, he's the guy to lead the majority in the House when the new and improved Congress takes it seats.

As for Steny, my message remains the same as it was six months ago:

Mr. Hoyer, if you think that the office of the President deserves respect, then my answer is, "when a person worthy of respect happens to occupy that office, then it earns my respect." But if you expect me to respect a man and an administration guilty of international murder; domestic theft; criminal neglect both at home and abroad; and the most violent and intolerable acts of villainy, corruption, and arrogance—then you will come up empty among roughly two-thirds of this nation's voting public, if I read my polls correctly. In short, I've had it up to my teeth with false, cloying, effete, unctuous, Janus-faced, contemptible Democrats like you, Zell Miller, Lierbermann, and the rest of your ilk. You are a sore upon the Democratic party, and the sooner you are removed, the better. You make me want to vomit, sucking up like that to tyrants. NO office is worthy of respect if the person holding it is a criminal. NO seat in Congress (even—ooh—if you're a whip!) is worthy of respect if a toadying, double-talking shadow of a man occupies it. There is no time or space for fear anymore, Mr. Hoyer, because the worst that can happen has already begun in this nation and on this planet. So for once in your miserable, humpbacked career, stand up for what's right; look Power straight in the eye and say "I accuse you!" Just like Stephen Colbert did the other night.

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