Thursday, October 26, 2006

IT Happens

Some follow-up links to our post from yesterday:

The Geek Press Votes for the "Worst Political Websites" Great images, good fun. Check it out.

Kennedy (in RS) with more on voting machine fraud.

What happens when a tyrant suspends habeas corpus. This could happen to you or me. That's not panic; it's just a fact.

A Coloring Book for Fundamentalists

What they're saying about us: if America can do it, so can we.

A fascinating (and probably true) theory on why there aren't more girl geeks. When we're told that it's not in our genes, we tend to give up on the effort to prove otherwise.

Finally, Progress asks the question, "what booming economy?"

Job growth in September was the lowest since Oct. 2005, and the share of the population in poverty rose from 11.3 percent in 2000 to 12.6 percent in 2005. Most Americans -- including the middle class -- have been left behind by Bush's tax cuts and continue to see the costs of living rise, wages stagnate, and financial insecurity increase.

This, my friends, is not good news. Not good at all. For I found out today that I am to be unemployed—perhaps as early as next week, and definitely by yearend. This may also spell a speedy end to my blogging "career" as well (can you call it a career if you don't get paid?).

Well, maybe it's time now to make some chicken salad out of chicken shit. To that end, I offer any passing potential employers the following resume downloads—select according to whichever sort of position you are looking to fill.

Editor and/or Writer

IT / Quality Assurance Lead

Insurance Claims Analyst / Consultant

Psychotherapeutic Counselor / Teacher

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Miss Bitty said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to read this news! I wish I had something to offer you, some words of wisdom or comfort -- you know you're always offering such treasures to your readers. I'm guessing a move is out of the question because of your daughter (understandable), but if you ever decided to seek greener pastures out here on the Left Coast, we'd do whatever we could to help.