Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Iran, Rovespeak, Geek Wednesday

Yesterday we had a little fun with the prospect of nuking Iran, so I thought today we'd get somewhat serious. In fact, your intitial response to the very idea might have been the same as mine was, a few months back when serious talk of a nuclear attack on Iran first hit the blogosphere: "they can't be serious."

The answer is, of course, "sure they are." Paul Krugman seems to have had the same thought, and came to the same answer. Meanwhile, Think Progress is collecting commentary on the notion from some folks who probably know what they're talking about.

And in case you're wondering whether those polls are on target, just listen to the crowd as Uncle Dick throws a pitch at the Washington Nationals home opener.

Or if you wonder why you have to come to a place like this to get a straight story, just give yourself a reminder of what slavish whores our icons of the mainstream press have become these past five years.

Now for your multimedia corruption update: Check out the two videos below: on the left is the recent Scott McLellan press conference on leaks and declassification; on the right is a link to a video that the ingenious Norm Jenson of discovered. Watch, compare, and then write or call your Congressman or Senator at home and let him/her know: impeachment is the only answer.


Geek Wednesday

Funny thing about the news: Armageddon could be just around the bend; the government could be collapsing under the weight of its own corruption; genocides, famines, and wars could be spreading like cancer over the Earth—and the headlines would still have a place for anything coming out of Gwyneth Paltrow's womb or Steve Jobs' cranium.

Yes, it's official: you can now run Windows on an Intel-equipped Macintosh computer. In fact, it's not just that XP runs on a Mactel machine—it runs fast.

Next question is, "do you really want to?" Well, if you're like me, and can't afford the new hardware—even Apple's $600 Intel-equipped Mac Mini—then your decision is already made. But even if you can afford to spend two grand or more on one of these beautiful machines—would you want XP and everything it brings into your life running on that slim, powerful young aluminum body and its 15" ultra-bright TFT display?

Before you answer, think about what you're going to have to do tonight if you own a Wintel box.

Happy patching, everyone.

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