Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Poetry Contest

Some famous poet who was probably well-enough regarded to be deemed sagacious in the matter once said that some poems must be written but should not be read (and this was, I think, well before country-western music was born). Apparently, the government of Pakistan agrees.

Now I'm well aware that this story has been all over the Internet this week; but here at Daily Rev we find ways to add a new wrinkle to worn fabric. So if you hit the link above, you can read the original poem that lionizes the Crawford Coward (the only part of the story that really scared me was the bit from the Paki government about how the person responsible for inserting the verse into the school textbook would be "disciplined"—that, in Pakistan, could range from being hung by the thumbs to evisceration in the presence of one's family). Then, compare it with the alternative version created by my friend and future Gitmo detainee, Guptilla the Hun. Here it is:

Pathetic is how to describe the job he does
Retrospection is whats needed for his birth
Everywhere he touches its disaster
Subtlety and intelligence is in dearth
Is everyone in this country sleeping?
Destroying this great country
Everywhere because of him the blood dripping
Never has such a moron had so much power
Tarnishing the image and taking it even lower

God help us all
Even HE must be thinking
Over and over he has created humans
Repeated practice and still this effort was nothing but sinking
Great Lord, is this a demon
Evangelical is what some think of him

Whatever he does is on a whim

Best to think we have only 3 more years
Unless we have something more to fear
Save this country is what I pray
His moronic ways have to end some day

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