Friday, September 2, 2005

It's Another Accountability Moment

If you have your eyes and your mind open—not wide, but just ajar, let's say—the reports and images coming out of the Gulf Coast and New Orleans in particular are enough to make you weep openly, not caring who sees or what they think. And again, given just the smallest opening of awareness, the realization of the government arrogance, corruption, and ignorance that helped make this desperate moment in American history, is enough to make you vomit copiously.

Perhaps you can begin by reading William Rivers Pitt's Truthout piece, which puts the entire horror into a nutshell of awful accountability. Then go to TO's environment page and find out how the Bushies have been intimidating climate scientists who have unwelcome news about the probable causes of the increasing pace and destructiveness of natural disasters, and you'll see how pervasive the decadence of this putrid government we have in Washington really has become.

Science has been forcefully shackled and pushed into a dusty closet of religious propaganda; reason has been dressed in the stone garments of an ideology of shrill deceit; and plain human feeling has been suppressed in favor of an icy emotional rigidity that murders, enslaves, and oppresses human beings while praising God and glorifying His presidential priests of earthly Power.

It is time for a global, resounding, world-wide renaissance. Let us continue to each do what we can for those who suffer, and work toward a better day, a clearer future, a fairer and more responsive government.

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